The name Saari

The wood for our house and B&B originates from Finland. Saari means island in Finnish, hence the appropriate name of the B&B on our island.

Before building our house, we first had a smaller house built in which we lived during the construction. We already had the idea to rent this out as a B&B when we would move into our new home.

You are most welcome at BB Saari!

– Roy & Monique


The biggest room contains a double box spring with a dresser. The somewhat smaller room has two 1-person box springs with a dresser. The smallest room has a bunk bed.
Altogether, there are six sleeping places of which the bunk bed is especially suitable for children.

The living room has heating/air conditioning, a kitchen with a dishwasher, electric kettle, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, and toaster. There is a (small) bathroom with a toilet, washbasin, and shower. There is no separate toilet.
Upon arrival, the beds will have been made, and bath towels are available. 

In general, animals are not allowed in our B&B. However, we make an exception for the Australian Labradoodles as we breed them ourselves. We know that they don’t shed, hardly give any allergic reaction, and have a great character. 
We cannot make any further exceptions.